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This painting was part of my solo exhibition entitled "My Power is the Love of the People" mounted at the Vorres Museum in 2017-2018. 

The title was taken from the Greek monarchy's motto on its coat-of-arms but which now resonates heavily with similarly phrased assertions by dictators and strongmen the world over ranging from the Nazis and the Communists of the 20th century down to today's populists like Russia's, Turkey's and Venezuela's regimes or Greece's odd far-left and far-right ruling coalition. 

This particular work was based on a Mussolini pose and a painted portrait of King Otto, the first monarch of the then newly founded kingdom of Greece in the early 19th century.


I've chosen egg-tempera and gold leaf as my media-of-choice because of the exemplary results of this wonderful technique.


Ink, egg-tempera and gold leaf on panel

40 x 30 cm


Self - portrait as the King

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